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Terms and conditions for trading

The use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Definitions is referred to as “this website”, “the website”, “this service”. For avoidance of doubt, any reference containing “this” is a reference to the website.

This website is operated and managed by The Palm Centre Ltd and its subcontractors, collectively referred to in the context of this document as “The Palm Centre” or "we".

"Order" in the context of this website is a request from a customer to purchase products advertised on the website. Fulfilment of this order is subject to availability of stock, deliverability and other factors that may impact the ordering process. An order does not create contractual obligations unless acknowledged by a team member of The Palm Centre.

"Trade customer" is defined as a legal entity (self employed, sole trader, limited company, charity etc.) that is recognized by The Palm Centre as a member of the landscaping industry (designers, landscapers, gardeners etc.) and representatives of these entities that are registered with The Palm Centre under this agreement. In the context of this document a trade customer can be referred as "you".

"Trading price" the price at which a trade customer may purchase products from The Palm Centre. The trading price may vary according to the discount extended to the trade customer. The discount is calculated as a percentage from the retail price.

"Retail price" the value at which a customer that is not a trading customer may purchase products and services from The Palm Centre.


These T&C govern your commercial relationship with The Palm Centre as a trade customer.



  1. The Palm Centre will take all necessary care to ensure that descriptions, measurements, colours and prices are correct. Due to technical limitations, product colours presented in this website may vary. Plant shapes and sizes may vary due to various growth factors.

  2. Indoor plants may be photographed in decorative pots, for presentation purposes only. All plants are shipped in plastic nursery pots, unless otherwise explicitly specified.

  3. As far as possible, we try to take pictures of the actual specimens in our nursery, but where these are not available due to technical difficulties in taking a picture, we can send on request a picture of the actual specimen.

  4. Due to seasonality, some plants have their photos showing flowers or leaves. However, if you order outside their season, the plants you’ll receive might not have flowers or leaves (deciduous plants).

  5. The dimensions of the plants are approximate and they may vary slightly between plants. For indoor plants, the height listed includes the nursery pot height. For the outdoor plants, the height of the plant is measured from the top of the pot to the tallest leaf, unless otherwise specified.


  1. The website may have a minimum order value that is required for orders that require delivery. This minimum order value does not include delivery charges and is calculated at trading prices.

  2. Orders placed on this website are subject to availability at the moment when the payment is recorded. The Palm Centre shall not be held liable for orders that are not paid for and are waiting for the trade customer's payment confirmation.

  3. Delivery charge for orders placed on this website are calculated the moment the order is acknowledged by one of the team members.

  4. The Palm Centre will undertake reasonable effort to correct any mistake that may be discovered in the website (including, but not limited to descriptions, pricing, stock levels etc.), however it is the trade customer's responsibility to do their own research regarding suitability of a particular product for their project.

  5. The Palm Centre can choose, at its own discretion, not to fulfill orders that contain major pricing errors.

Order acknowledgement





Entire agreement

Governing law

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Any dispute you have which relates to these T&Cs will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


These T&Cs were last reviewed in November 2023. The Palm Centre may change or supplement these T&Cs at any time and such changes or supplements shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified T&Cs on this website.

You will be bound by such changes or supplements even if you do not re-visit these T&Cs, so we would recommend that you review these T&Cs from time to time.